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Learn HTML and CSS with this Digital Futures web design workshop

July 2020

Digital Futures is bringing industry into the classroom to help teach web design and HTML coding with a fully guided tutorial workshop by Assad Ahmad, Software Consultant. 


Over 2 lessons, this workshop will introduce the basics of the website design planning process, and teach beginners how to create web pages that will make a difference, using HTML and CSS.

This resource includes a lesson plan, full tutorial video by an industry expert, and a set of briefs to inspire students to create sitemaps and webpages to spread the word about causes they care about. This resource introduces the job of a Product Owner with the teacher or educator taking on this role and making sure the site maps reflect the brief before the students start coding.

To complete this workshop, you will need a computer, access to and a video player (YouTube or on the computer). It’s suitable for HTML complete beginners KS3+.

Access the full pack.



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