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Making sense of SQL

July 2020

In this video series, Phil Flynn, Senior Software Architect at Thales takes you through everything you need to know about SQL for the GCSE Computer Science (AQA syllabus)

This resource will help you to:

  • Understand the job of a Software Architect and how SQL is used in industry
  • Explain the concept of a database & a relational database
  • Understand database concepts
  • Use SQL to retrieve data from a relational database
  • Use SQL to insert data into a relational database
  • Use SQL to edit and delete data in a database

The resource contains 2 videos, total 50 mins.

  • Video 1: Careers, introduction to SQL, 28 mins
  • Video 2: SQL demonstration, 22 mins

To find our more about how you can use this video to improve your learning, download the resource overview below.

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